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Available at 1BitSquared

The 12bit per pixel dual PMOD digital video board is ideal for adding digital video output to your iCEBreaker FPGA project, without the need for high speed differential signals. This PMOD will work with common HDMI compatible computer monitors. The 12bit color is as easy to drive as a VGA connector with a resistor ladder for color generation.

This PMOD uses the TFP410 from TI or its drop-in replacement SII164 from Lattice Semi. It is based on the design by Black Mesa Labs and has the same pinout.

This module can be used with any FPGA development board that offers two PMOD connectors. It is compatible with the Digilent PMOD specification.

You can find the schematic and design files of this PMOD in the iCEBreaker PMOD repository.

If you have additional questions about this PMOD join the iCEBreaker Discord channel and ask away! :)

12bit DVI PMOD